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The Wedding Serenata

Your number 1 choice for a live band 



Looking for professional musicians and singers to fill your wedding day,birthday or corporate event with classy music and a first class act ? You have found us ! We are a one stop music solution for your events.We provide bilingual emcee,live band and latest best sounding PA system ! We believe that videos paint a thousand words,so do watch our 400 over videos on youtube to check us out.Read real testimonials and be confident that you are getting the Best ! Whatever your style and music preferences from 50's to current Pop to Jazz,mandarin,evergreen,english and a mixture of languages and dialects,you can be sure that "The Wedding Serenata" will deliver ! We believe in working with a small tight team of professionals and the most talented musicians instead of having a large pool of amateurs.You can be sure that you'll only get the finest and by hiring us.It'll make a big difference to your events.

WHY HIRE US ???  We'll share some insight ! 

This is important : We are unlike other band that were quickly assemble by an agency and assign them to jobs.You would have noticed when you attended some functions that many bands lack the chemistry and their performance sounded so amateurish.Established since 2012,we have been playing together for many years and had brought joy to many couples on their wedding day with our refined style of music.From classy Jazz to pop rock...we cover everything ! No limitation as we also sing fluently in cantonese,hokkien,Spanish,Korean,Japanese,etc besides English and Mandarin.

A PROFESSIONAL BAND FOR WEDDING !  A Real wedding scenario in a Real world !

From years of experience and having coordinated more than thousands of weddings,we've noticed that a band really needs to be versatile to sing not just English songs.For a Chinese wedding,the atmosphere really comes alive when some mandarin,cantonese or hokkien songs are perform !

We go the extra mile by performing more than just 2 march-in songs of your choice in a grand musical style.We'll encourage your guests to submit song dedications.We'll perform your solemnization march-in song on that day.We'll send you 1st dish presentation music for selection and play background CD music before and during breaks,etc.A huge specially compiled song lists of more than 500 love songs will also be send to you for selection.

We also use a complete latest best sounding PA system like Bose,Yamaha and Mackie.Know that you are getting the best with a peace of mind and let us do all the work for you.We have it all under one roof with PA sound systems,Live Bands & Bilingual Emcee.We treat each wedding event like our own and nothing is left to chance.We will never compromise quality and give you sub standards !

                                          Singers  /  Musicians  /  Emcees


Melvin Timothy Koh (keyboardist/singer)

Melvin is a season performer and can be seen regularly at many weddings, functions and corporate events.He plays the keyboard and can his soothing vocal will surely entertain all your guests.With a wide song repertoire,he can cover evergreen to top 40's.

Michelle Poh (keyboardist/singer)

Michelle always enjoys wearing several hats & performing several genres. As longest serving adjunct-lecturer for vocals(pop) at LaSalle College of the Arts, she mentored students pursuing professional music careers, saw the pop vocals intake grow to its biggest intake in history of the contemporary music department. As artiste, Michelle's pop-jazz works are recognised with up to 7-figure budget recording contract offers from major recording labels (New York, Europe). She has performed with sessionists for Harry Connick Junior, Anouk, Marco Borsato and Wynton Marsalis at various occasions, and with Grammy nominated pianist Kenny Werner himself at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2005.

Audris Ho (keyboardist/singer/emcee)
Having amassed ten years of piano teaching experience in Singapore and Scotland (2 years: 2014 - 2015), and having been a student of music since the tender age of 4, Audris brings in a wealth of musical knowledge and experience with her both on stage, and in the classroom. She has been a professional piano teacher since 2005 and is accredited with:  
  • Distinction in DipABRSM (Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in piano teaching
  • ALCM (Associate Diploma of the London College of Music) in piano teaching, 

She plays the keyboard and sings.

Priscilla Tan (keyboardist/singer) is a versatile who can cover Top 40s Pop, Jazz all the way to Oldies but goodies, in both English & Mandarin. Being able to accompany her singing with her keys, she captures the attention of the audience with her soothing & distinct vocals. Paired with a bubbly & outgoing personality, she is one to liven up the atmosphere for any occasion.

Rianda Gracia Jacob (keyboardist/singer)

Rianda is one who sings with lots of feel and does very well in her pop and R&B.Her wide english repertoire in top 40s and jazz classics is truly as pleasant voice to listen to coupled by her sweet personality.


She can sing and play the keyboard and will surely have your guests giving the thumbs up !

Sheena Hong (keyboardist/singer)

Pop singer-keyboardist Sheena Hong was dubbed a "diamond in the rough" by MOSHIN' Magazine after her first headlining performance at the Esplanade Concourse in 2012. Sheena is known for her vocal versatility and broad experience in the industry and was awarded a Berklee Asia Tour Scholarship (Voice) in 2010 after an impressive entry audition to the world-renown Berklee College of Music.

As a professional singer and pianist, Sheena has been a featured artist with residencies at Starker, Qiren Organization, Marina Mandarin and Warehouse in Clarke Quay. She has also performed at many other local bars and prestigious international venues including Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, Pianos NYC, Esplanade Waterfront and Concourse, Wala Wala and Google HQ (Singapore).
Sheena’s repertoire includes English Top 40s and classics, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese hits. Her vocal influences include Aretha Franklin, Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey.

Allie Soh (keyboardist/singer)

Allie has been singing for close to 9 years, with her extensive repertoire attributing to the different venues that she has performed at. This ranges from English Rock pubs to Canto and Thai clubs, both as a pianist and/or singer She has also been called on for various projects beyond her regular shows, and is a popular choice among her less orthodox clients. She currently resides in Switch by Timbre, Obar Punggol, 555 Villa Thai, and Club Illusion.

Shizuka Matsuda (keyboardist/singer)

Shizuka has received trainings at the Music Teachers’ Association of California Certificate of Merit.She sings both lead and harmony and plays the keyboard.She has a diploma in Music and Audio Technology) Studied music and techniques of sound recording, mixing, editing, as well as learning to to foley for music/sound in movie timeframe.

Composing and arranging of originals tracks. Distinction in Graded Examination in Music Performance.Undergo Vocal Lessons at “The Singing Loft” for 5 years.She is very passionate in her craft !

Benny Wong (Keyboardist/Guitarist/Bassist/singer)

Benny is well know among musicians and and a veteran with many musical productions ! He is a song writer,arranger,producer,and sound engineer.He was the music director for many projects including NDP 2017 and numerous stage musical productions.He is always nurturing many up and coming talents for Singapore's next wave of fresh talents.

He had performed in some of the most prestiges venues as their in house musician like St Regis,The Singapore British Club and Singapore Recreational Club.

He is very active and is a regular performer at weddings and events.He plays kb/guitar and sings in many languages and covers a super wide repertoire of songs from the 1950's to Top 40 with more than 1000 songs under his belt.He is compiling his original compositions at the moment.

Erick Tan (Keyboardist/Guitarist/singer)

A versatile musician who has great passion in music! Erick is musically grown and influence in the era of 新摇 Xin Yao and has started his music journey at Music Dreamer Live! Cafe 爱琴海; since 2003.


Erick is one out of the few in Singapore who can switch between multiple instruments. Be amazed by his talents and his wide repertoire of great hits across decades.


Being multi-talented, Erick not just plays instruments; he is also a certified Speech Therapist by day and a part-time DJ in YES933 我是周末王; by weekends!



Jeeyon (Guitarist/singer/emcee)

Jee Yon is a highly versatile singer and guitarist who sings and plays effortlessly. He is able to transit between pop jazz, english top 40s, mandarin pop, dialect songs and other song genres with much ease. Jee Yon has performed for many prolific events.

Marcus Lee (Guitarist / Singer)

Marcus started singing from a tender age of 6 where he joined the school choir. His’ first foray into performing was through Mediacorp’s Campus Superstar 2 coming in as the 2nd runner-up in the competition, where he shared the stage with Stephanie Sun and Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit. Since then, Marcus has explored the genres of Jazz and Rock through his experience as a Jazz Vocal Section Leader of Raffles Jazz Club and as the front man of local indie rock band "Exdee". Marcus is currently exploring the area of original music under the alias "Marcus Makes Music", and was recently selected to be part of the SHINE x *SCAPE Talent Development Programme to co-write a song with local rapper Shigga Shay.

Ming Wei (Guitarist/singer)

Mingwei's bubbly and jovial personality often results in a vibrant and lively performance. Other than being a versatile lead vocalist, Mingwei tops it up with his rhythmic guitar groove that ensures energy and emotions to fill his performances.

He is also performing regularly at pubs and bistro, living every moment he has on stage with the motto of giving his best at every gig.

Some of the pubs he has performed in include Acid Bar, Temasek Club, The Outpost at St James Powerstation, MOA at Changi City Point and many more! 

He is also a frequent wedding and events singer and guitarist, where he receives huge appluases for his performacnes.

Donnie Chan (Guitarist/singer)

As a versatile performer in the Mandarin and Cantopop scene, Donnie Chan is often mistaken as a Hong Konger. He was the first local singer to perform a full Cantonese concert as part of Esplanade’s Coffee Morning and Afternoon Tea series, back in 2009 and 2011.A regular performer in pubs and weddings.

Charles Stitch Wong (Beatbox/vocal/guitar/emcee)

Charles, better known as Charles “Stitch” Wong, burst into the scene by clinching 4th place in the reality singing competition, Singapore Idol 3 2009, with a unique mix of singing, guitar, and beat box.
He is known for his unique rendition of songs with the Guitar, High Energy Beatbox routines and his emotive style of Singing.
Charles started beatboxing because he did not have enough money to buy a drum set, and even if he did, he did not have enough space in his house to put a drum set. His passion to do sounds with his mouth grew from there, and he now boasts a strong portfolio of performing and teaching experiences.
Hire him to perform at your event today. His beats will blow you away, and it sounds like hitting “play” on a music player. He can also add a loop pedal performance to your event

Kevin Kong (Guitarist/singer)

Kevin studied music performance in New York City, immersing himself in Brazilian, Contemporary Jazz, Funk and Pop/Rock styles.


A dedicated singer, musician and songwriter, well-versed in classics and current top 40s, he also performs Broadway and Jazz for drama groups such as Centrestage School of the Arts and Wild Rice as a project musician. He has performed at various venues; Singapore Flyer, O’Gambino’s at Raffles City, Mulligan's at Clark Quay, Wala Wala, Shuffle, Five Bar Izakaya at Collyer Quay and Changi City Point.

Kevin regularly performs at many weddings, functions and corporate events.

                   Joy Heng (Guitarist/singer)

Have a wealth of live performance experience and can be seen busking.She has a light mellow warm tone and will be perfect for singing at your wedding.

Deborah Jean Lee (Guitarist/singer)

Deborah is a versatile singer with a husky voice that is not easily forgotten. Since she started performing 6 years ago, she has built up a wide repertoire ranging from English Top 40's, Pop, Rock, Jazz to English Classics and Oldies, and in recent years has also ventured into MandoPop. 

Her performing journey begun with Pop/Rock outfit with, Victoria Street whom she recorded an EP with, and soon after joined her school's Jazz Band. She was selected to be a part of Esplanade's Mosaic Jazz Fellows Programme (formerly known as Bright Young Things) in 2012, under some of Singapore's finest mentors such as Melissa Tham, Joshua Wan, Soh Wen Ming and Tony Makarome. 

Since then she has done countless bar gigs, events, and weddings, and even dabbled in A Capella with the A Capella Society, doing arrangements and representing them at Vocal Asia Fest in 2015.

As a testament to her talent and flair on stage, she currently holds residencies at Stage, Legend Cafe, Starker JEM and &sons, 5 nights a week. 

Other notable places she has performed at are The Esplanade, The Coliseum @ Sentosa, FIVE, Tanuki Raw, Hood Bar, Unplugged, Warehouse, various Starker outlets, Legend Cafe, Acid Bar, Stage, Wala Wala, Lenoir, Amara Hotel, Grand Mercure Hotel, Club FML Live, Tanuki Raw, Chat & Chow @ Ibis Styles Hotel, Frienzie etc.

Howie Yeo (Guitarist/singer)

HOWIE, or better remembered as David Yeo during his stint in the first season of Singapore Idol, is a seasoned performer who has played in both the English music scene (at joints such as Wala-Wala, Paulaner Brauhaus, Hood Bar & Cafe, Muddy Murphy's, Beer Market, J Bar and Level Up) as well as in the Cantopop/Mandopop scene (at Dragonfly, Firefly and Shanghai Dolly). In recent years, with bilingual joints being commonplace, he has also played at Wheeler's Estate, BarBarQ and Wildseed Cafe, amongst others.

He also won Guinness Live! 2012, a singing competition organised last year to search for new blood in the Cantopop/Mandopop scene. With the win, he performed together with his favourite Chinese band of all time, Power Station, at their concert at Dragonfly in 2012.

Don't let his tattoos fool you; Howie listened to ballads and boybands growing up, so he is equally comfortable with high energy rock songs as well as emotional ballads.

Even though Howie is known mainly for being a vocalist, he also has a Grade 8 Certificate (with Merit) for Rock & Pop Guitar from Trinity College London. As such, don't be surprised if you see him shredding on lead guitar!

Fatt Kew (footdrbums, ztar, guitar/bass)

           Stella Seah (Singer/emcee)

Skye Sirena (Singer/emcee)

Benita Cheng (Singer/emcee)

Regine Han (Singer/emcee)

Roxanne Heng (Singer/emcee)

Ferlyn Chen (Singer /emcee)

Vanessa Phang (Singer/emcee)

Mavis Li (Singer)


Averil Chan (Singer)

                     Alyssa Lie (Singer/emcee)

             Chia Ling (Singer/emcee)

         Jeremy Kwan (singer)

                         Coming up (Singer/emcee)

                      Enya (Singer)

                   Kenni Grace (Singer)

----------------------------- World Class Pianists --------------------------

Benjamin Christopher Boo (Pianist)


Michelle Yap (Pianist)


                                        Mei Sheum (Pianist)

                                         Rachma Lim (Pianist)

----------------------------- Wedding Emcees -----------------------------

Lindy Chia


                                Abby Lai (Trilingual emcee)

                                     Benny Wong (Emcee/musician)

 Mint Leong [Emcee/singer)

Audrey Luo (Emcee/singer)

Aaron d'Almeida (Emcee)

           Timothy Wan (Bilingual emcee)

                                  Justin Wong (Bilingual emcee)

 --------------------------- World Class Saxophonists ---------------------

Edmund Wu (Sax)


Daniel Chia (Sax/keyboardist)


Fabian Lim (Sax)


Boon Chye (Sax)


Corey Manders (Sax)

                   Dominic Cai (Sax/Aerophone/vocalist)

 Ivan T.Kwai Mun (Sax/harmony singer)

                   Jeff Zhai (Sax)  https://youtu.be/gDv6k8D1p6w


                              Samuel Cheah (Sax) 

------------------------------ World Class Strings -----------------------

Lim Hui


Lim Chun (Violinist)

                       Sher Maine Wong (Violinist)

Jana (Violinist)

                                                  Karen de-silva (Violinist)

                                              Zoi Yeh (Cellist)

---------------------------- World Class Guitarists ------------------------


          Justin Low (Guitarist/singer)


                              Daniel Puromo (Guitarist)

       Daryl Tay (Guitarist/singer)  https://youtu.be/sYVJx6MT4UA    

                                          Kachi Chan (Guitarist)

------------------------------- Other Musicians ---------------------------


Jamie Lee (Cajon)

Titus Ng (E Bass / D Bass)


                                               Xueqi Stella (Pipa)

                                           Lim Kwuan Boon (Erhu)

Jieying (Dizi)

                                 David Khor (Guitardrum)

   Bobby Singh (Cajon/drummer/percussionist)

                                       Bryan Lim (Drummer/Cajon)

   Eugene Seow (Drummer,keyboardist,Cajon,Bassist)