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The Wedding Serenata

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                                                                                                                                           Benny Wong KG 黄金源

Benny Wong is a well known music composer and arranger and have a career span of more than 25 years.

He was involved in album productions from 1992-2011 as a album producer and was the composer and music arranger for Mediacorp studio.Scoring and composing countless of musical pieces for their dramas and TV programes.His compositions are uniquely creative as he loves to explore new musical possibilities,ideas and the result is always with an unexpected twist.He had since composed and produced close to 100 original songs and more than 1000 pieces of music.

Worked on the music score of numerous full feature films,jingles and short film.

Collaborated with many local and foreign talents and sharing his music with intense passion.

Won best score award for Singapore in Asian drama/short film festival with entry of "The Challenge".He was nominated for LIVE Theatre music award for best original music for Maha Mogallana with Toy Factory.He had worked on stage orchestration music and was the composer and music arranger for musicals like Maha Mogallana,881 and Glass Anatomy and Kumarajiva.

Written the theme song for national day parade 2008 "Shine".He had also written many jingles for Singtel / Starhub / and other corporate companies

He had worked and performed as a pianist/singer both overseas and locally.He is still passionate about singing and performing live and can be seen performing regularly at weddings and company events.He was the resident singer/band at The Singapore British club,St Regis Singapore,Singapore Recreational club,Singapore Chinese Swimming club,etc.

He was the musical director for NDP 2107 and have raised a new bench mark !

                                                           Samples of Benny WONG KG's Original MUSIC

 Sometime Moon musical was a huge success at Victoria theatre with a good story line and a solid casts and crew.Benny Wong was the music director and he had composed and produced 21 original hokkien songs with lyrics by Goh Boon Teck.


Benny Wong KG (Music Director for NDP 2017) Click here to watch all the original music compositions / videos for NDP 2017   

                                                                                                 十面埋伏 Total Ambush 2017

Watch snippets of the promo trailer here for "Total Ambush"

                                                                Photo Courtesy and credits to TOY FACTORY SINGAPORE 2016

Desert to temple


Crossing over sand

Soldiers war

Camel movement

Chaos World

Wolve mystic


                                                                    Photo Courtesy and credits to TOY FACTORY SINGAPORE 2014

Glass anatomy music 1

Glass anatomy music 2

Glass anatomy music 3

Glass anatomy music 4



                                                                   Photo Courtesy and credits to TOY FACTORY SINGAPORE 2013


Heart Song




                                                                     Photo Courtesy and credits to TOY FACTORY SINGAPORE 2011

Open sea

Hitting monks

Soul searching

Smooth Fairies

Hell Bound



The Chant



Deep Thoughts

Enter the dragon

Fear Factors

Red Octopus

Wolf Pack


Closing in

Dark secrets

Distinctive blood A

Hard to follow


                                             Original songs composed arranged and produced by Benny Wong KG


                Horror Film Scores composed and arranged by Benny Wong KG

Victim no.2

Can't see clearly

Coming Strong

Counting them

Creeping in

Dark room

Dance of the Satan

Escape last chance

Fragments of our memory

Last Route

Run away part 2

Haunting hum


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