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The Wedding Serenata

Your number 1 choice for a live band 


Guess most people didn't know that many media like youtube,vimeo,etc have a team of people that scan contents being uploaded.Many videos have been taken down due to copyright infringements.Your videographer may not even know about this and you'll find your video suddenly just become unavailable one day ! 

We provide pre-wedding video shoot at a real affordable rate which include : 

1).Original music/instrumental compositions so that you'll never get into copyright infringement issue for your precious video on youtube,vimeo,etc.
2).Video editing and a special story line to go along with.
3).Video shoot to be done in one day [9am-6pm].
4).Finished product in HD mp4 for playability on Mac or PC
5).Childhood montage video [With original music composition] !

Original song for your wedding video ! 

Unique and one and only in the world

Benny Wong KG Solo videos .......

        有空来坐坐 [姜育恒]                                   给你们 [張宇] - cover by Benny Wong