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The Wedding Serenata

Your number 1 choice for a live band 



               We ranked as number 2 for the Top 5 Live Bands in Singapore !

           Some of the testimonials by our couples and clients


     Melvin & Rachel 20th Nov 2022

                    Joanes & Yuanyuan 26th June 2022

                  Dominic & Siska 26th June 2022

                            Soon Kit & Clara 30th July 2021

                               Chip & Esley 2nd Jan 2021

                                Henry & Eileen 12 Dec 2020

                          Bian Xun & Kellie 22nd Feb 2020

                       Chin Siong & Mei Hui 22nd Feb 2020

                        Duo Jie & Elizabeth 19th Jan 2020

                               Jackson & Gertrude 8th Dec 2019

                               Mark & Kathy 15th Dec 2019

                                         ST Engineering

                              SEB SINGAPORE 6th Dec 2019

                     ATOS Singapore Dec 2019

            PSA Singapore Beer Fest Nov 2019

                            Desmond & Kelly 20th Oct 2019

                                       Jayden & Kai Ling Oct 2019

                      Eugene & Yau Ting Oct 2019

                     Rong Fang & Charlotte Lim Sept 2019

                                 Yongsen & Jingling Sept 2019

                                      Mag & Robert Aug 2019

                                  Kien Hoe & Jasmine 31st Aug 2019

                                  Daryl & Christine 31st Aug 2019

                                    Gary & Fiona July 2019

                                      Kendrick & Deasy JUNE 2019


                                Jack & Peiting 20th May 2019

                              Ron & Angel 18th May 2019

                                 Boon Hai & Candy 19th Jan 2019

                               Raven & Valerie 25th Nov 2018

                           Yong Ming & Hui Qi 25th Nov 2019

                              Kevin & Cheryl 17th Nov 2018

                                 Alvin & Fannie 19th Oct 2018

                                Ryan & Esther 14th Oct 2018

                              Aaron & Anqi 6th Oct 2018

                         Sean Lim & Yan 30th Sep 2018

                                 Shi Jie & Maggie 23rd Sep 2018

                         Bain & Hui Peng 21st July 2018

                     Bernard & Jelly 28th April 2018

               Chee Fei & Danielle 28th April 2018

                                     Kit Wan & Pauline 

                                 Ramesh & Elsa 3rd March 2018


      Highly rated event company & live band

                                    18th Jan 2018 Samson & Yanping

  Alan & See Yeo  31st Dec 2017 Genting Hotel Jurong


                                       16th Dec 2017 Teo Wanyi

                                               16th Dec 2018 Wee Kia Hui

                      Fabian Yong Marina Mandarin 16th Dec 2107

                                      Low Han Qin 3rd Dec 2017 M hotel

                                  Zach & Cath 18th Nov 2017 Amara Sentosa


Alex Chua & Zi Ying 05th Nov 2017 Grassroot Club

                               Weijin & Carol 15th Oct 2017 Fort Cannings

                      Jiayao & Melody Peh 24th Sep 2017 St Regis Hotel

                                   Brendan & Tricia 16th July 2017 W Hotel

                        3rd June 2017 Cai Xianming Piere & Eileen Ng Yilin

                        Eugene & Jaclyn 27th May 2017 

                                      Vance & Rae Yee  18th March 2017

                                     Alden & Fanny 19th Feb 2017

                                    Elvin & Diana 18th Feb 2017

                        Jing Quan & Alicia Tan 25th Dec 2016

                                Andrea & Peiying 18 Dec 2016

                        Brandaon  Lip Shern & Poh Hong 17th Dec 2016

                                                                                Lee Kai Wei & Aivy  26th Nov 2016

                                         Jolly & Mandy 5th Nov 2016

                      Harold & Li Xuan  30th Oct 2016


 Steven & Catherine 15th Oct 2016


 Stephen Moore & Hody 2nd Oct 2016 

                                            Alex & Kelly 1st Oct 2016

                                        David & Sky 2nd Oct 2016

                                    Zhong Xun & Shu Juan 25th Sep 2016 


                                                    3rd Sep 2016 Elly & Alvin 

Say Siong & Shareen 11th Sep 2016

Comments 张沅琳 Thanks Benny and Regine for creating a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for our guests :) 亲戚朋友都对Benny和Regine的歌声赞不绝口!大家都听出耳油啦~谢谢你们❤️ 3rd July 2016 KC & Yuen Ling

My wife and I would like to give a big shout-out to The Wedding Serenata Team for their wonderful entertainment and live performance at my wedding day on 2nd July 2016 at Sentosa Pavilion @ Sentosa Golf Club. Special thanks to Benny, Benita & Ivan, you were professional, organized and lots of fun. We are so pleased that we chose your services for our wedding and we received many compliments from our family, relatives, colleagues and friends, it was fantastic to see our guests of all ages enjoying themselves so much. We would like to sincerely thank you for all the effort you put into making the reception a memorable event. Your friendliness and professionalism surpassed our expectations, we will certainly use your services again in our 10th year anniversary and we will definitely recommend your services to our family and friends. 

Best wishes, Gideon & Penny 2nd July 2016

My husband and I would like to thank you and your band for being a part of our wedding celebration. We have received tons of feedback from our guests complimenting Jeeyon & Benita's performance, especially on their ability to sing in various languages. Thank you so much for making our special day truly memorable.You all are the best and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a great band! 

With much gratitude Kai Wing & Eileen (3rd July 2016, MBS)

Hi Justin & Benny,

I have received many favorable comments from my guests about The Wedding Serenata Live Band performance during my wedding luncheon on 2nd July'16.

10 out of 10 guests saying Benita has a nice and powerful vocal when she sang and as an emcee she has a pleasant stage presence, she is gracious, personable and flexible, she calmly handles the unexpected, furthermore she knows how to set the appropriate tone for the specific situation while maintaining a positive energy flow throughout the entire session. 
Thank you for the wonderful songs and live performance and of course, I will recommend The Wedding Serenata Live Band to my friends and colleagues without doubt. 

Best regards,
Gideon Sim

Hi Justin, 

Many many thanks for your excellent coordination. My family, relatives, colleagues and friends (everyone really!) are full of praises for the team's performance at our wedding. All of them enjoyed the music and singing by both Benny and Stella. I was worried at first when I chose My Love as my second march in song but Benny has sang it so perfectly :)) Stella also did a wonderful job when she double up as emcee for last Sunday's night :)) Our guests, Guan Zhi and I are totally impressed!! No regrets in choosing The Wedding Serenata at all. 

Sure, we will definitely recommend to all our friends and family who are looking for live band for their event or even use for our future events. 

That's what we thinking too - to thank you and like your facebook soon, thanks for the link!      

We wish you great success in the many years to come! 

Guanzhi & Si Min 19th June 2016


Ivan Tay & Siew Then 5th June 2016

My wedding was on 22 May 2016 at Regent. Before wedding , my friend introduced me The Wedding Serenata, then I checked its website and contact with Benny who is a very helpful gentlemen and gave me lots of advise.On the wedding day, the emcee , the band , the songs , and the sound systems are just wonderful and impressive. Thank you again for giving me a such wonderful night !  

 Yukun & Wang Chong 22nd May 2016


Joshua & Charissa 28th May 2016

Dylon Lin & Cheryl Han 28th May 2016

  Samuel Cheong & Nicole 21st May 2016

Thanks Justin, Benny, Stella and Corey!

It was a blast having you and the reviews of the band that I have heard so far are nothing but exceptional.Once again we thank you for walking this journey with us. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future events.

Keep Calm and Play Music!!

yifeng and jie xian 15th May 2016

       Edmond Wong & Angelina Tan 30th April 2016

Hi Ben,
Thank you so much for performing at our wedding everyone loved it. 
Our sincere apologise if we have not been a good host for you.
I personal was touched during the flower giving to parents, you sang the song wings beneath my wings beautifully and it was heartfelt.
Thank you for making our wedding a memorable one, and we appreciate that you guys were very accommodating,we applaud your professionalism and we will definitely treasure the friendship we have made in the process of the planning till the actual day itself.

Haikal and Marilyn 24th April 2016

 Kelvin & Sheena 3rd April 2016

                                                        30th March 2016

Hi The Wedding Serenata,

Sorry this email came a bit late. (was so busy after my wedding)

Thank you so much for your help on my request and your recommendation of Choy Ting, Jeeyon and Corey. The combination of the trio are awesome. Choy Ting was a great emcee + singer. Jeeyon voice was great too, indeed it was hard to find someone that can play and sing so well. Corey played our march-in song beautifully. 

I heard quite a few good reviews from my guests and am really glad that I made the right choice.

Once again, thank you in helping us and made our big day a great success. Please help me thanks Choy Ting, Jeeyon and Corey too (they are really professional and awesome in their own area :)

Alvin Foo 

Sean & Jacinta  30th Jan 2016


Jason & Janelle 24th Jan 2016

                                             Ann & Joel 26th Dec 2015 Raffles hotel 

            Yao Fu & Nichole 12th Dec 2015

Soh Junghong & Evelyn Lim 

5th Dec 2015 wedding lunch

Very glad that myself and my wife Joy made the right choice by getting Benny and his team for our wedding. Guest were well entertain by them with a wide range of songs, English, mandrain, hokkien , cantonese (knowing that i have guest from Hong Kong), etc. They were very pro on the setup too. Arriving even earlier than the wedding couple.

Will sure to recommend their services to my friends and relatives.

Once again , Thank you to the team at The Wedding Serenata.

                           " Melvin & Joy (Parkroyal Beach road)  7th Nov 2015 "

Sheng An & Pei Yi 11th Oct 2015


Eric & Peggy 27th Sept 2015 


Derek & Amy @ RWS 20th Sept 2015

Thank you Benny & team for their lovely music on my wedding dinner 1st August at Novotel. I even got live saxaphonist for my ROM march in at 6pm. Beautifuuulll~~♡♡. Appreciated Benny kind arrangements. Not only its grand & special, my close friends n relatives were impressed with the live music for ROM march in. "I can trade my wedding ring bands for a live music band!" LoL~~~... was something i told my hubby, of cos he was more den impressed after the night, saying i was right~!♡ Truely, a wedding dinner with live music has such magical atmosphere, surely imprinted into my guests hearts for time to come. I had so much praises from my relatives & friends.... One of the bestest things i did for my wedding, is to call up Benny.. :) Thank you Benny, I really admire yr intergrity & professionalism. I hope to have yr music band, before my 10th anniversary... keke~~~

Pheng Hwee & Yuki 1st Aug 2015

To The Wedding Serenata.

Thank you for the music and the wonderful performance ! The atmosphere came alive and the live band really make the different !

                       Son & Hanqi  25th July 2015 Raffles hotel

Dear Wedding Serenata, thanks for the great performance at our wedding! Our guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly & I could see some of them singing along / swaying to your fantastic music. The dedications couldn't stop coming! Thank u also, for guiding victor along in surprising me with Kenny Roger's "Through the Years"! He said you gave him lots of good advice, and was v supportive of the request. Thanks for making our wedding day experience extra memorable!

Victor & Denise @ Kepple Club 18th July 2015

Hi Benny,

Thanks for the arrangements. The live band is great, we received many compliments from our guests. We have shared your contact to some of our guests already, hope u hear from them soon :)

Emcee Pam is great as well, everything went on smoothly and all our guests are impressed !  My wife and myself missed out on the live performance, are you able to send me the video clips you have taken?


Edwin Koh & June 11th July 2015

Thank you to The Wedding Serenata for performing at our wedding night. The performance was a joy and brought the crowd alive. I have been to many weddings before with bands, and this band definitely stands out from the rest. Was expecting my guest to concentrate on the food and happenings, but was surprised that the band got so many applause from my guest at the end of their performance, which meant the guest were all attentive to the music and performance.

From the first email until days before the wedding, it is very easy to communicate with Benny. On the wedding day itself, it was very hectic evening, the band arrived and set-up the speakers early and communicated with the Banquet Manager directly which saved me a lot of time to make sure the other things are alright.

My wife is Thai, and her family and friends are at the wedding too. The emcee Vanessa took extra step to learn some simple Thai language making her a trilingual emcee ! Impressive. People were asking me why the emcee can speak Thai. The band also performed some thai songs that my wife chosen, it was very good and my wife's family love it.

We requested a instrumental version of the song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" for our first march in, Benny composed one for us, and it sound better than any other we have heard on YouTube before.

Thank you Benny, Stella, Boon Chye, Lim Chun and Vanessa once again!

Weiguo & Suchada 11th July @ Concorde hotel

The Wedding Serenata is fantastic!

Thanks to Benny and his team of talented singers, you guys are very professional in making event lively and memorable.

3rd July 2015 Desmond & Meiying @ The Westin 

Dear Wedding Serenata, thank you for the wonderful performance. Really delivered affordable yet an entertaining performance for my wedding. Love the rendition of Sugar by Maroon 5 cos its my favorite piece. Luckily managed to hear it! Stella and you were Awesome!! Also a million thanks for the last minute request from us to go up and take over the mic for the last piece thou i know you guys are packing up already. Really appreciated that! That was one of the most memorable highlight for the wedding, so really thank you for accepting our last min request.

Shawn & Jocelyn at Swissmerchant Court 21st June 2015

The Wedding Serenata rocks !!! Wow

"We stumbled upon The Wedding Serenata on YouTube when we were searching for Singapore Weddings that includes a band. The video of Benny Wong singing 喜欢你 by Beyond sent delightful tingles down our spine and led us to their official website. The website is very clear on their charges as well as the profile of their singers and musicians.

As we were both located overseas, it is hard to communicate via phone or even meet them in person. Justin WSN, their coordinator was extremely patient and accommodating as the emails flew in and out with our millions of questions. He is always so prompt in answering our emails usually within 2-3hours, we will get a definite answer from him. This eased the wedding planning stress and also boosted our confidence in them that they CAN deliver! Don’t you just hate those vendors that you have to constantly chase for replies?

On the wedding day itself, our 1st march in was at 11am but Benny and his team, Stella and Corey, came in as early as us at 8am to set up. We were surprised and delighted that they took their performance very seriously and we could tick off the checklist “Band arrived” in our minds and concentrate on other areas of the wedding (we had multiple vendors on that day).

The band was nothing but smiles the whole day and our guests truly enjoyed them. The groom’s father even sat in front of the band and immersed himself in the songs we chosen beforehand. They allowed us to choose the list of the songs and even allowed us to dictate the style and rhythm of the songs.They were so flexible in their songs choices we had a hard time omitting what we did not want. When one of our guests wanted to sing a song as a gift to us, they readily agreed to let her step up while they provided the accompaniment.Awesome !!!

We would say that The Wedding Serenata truly lived up to and went beyond our expectations. We definitely strongly recommend them to all our friends.

The Wedding Serenata does it all.From the oldies of 1950 Nat King Cole to current top 40's.They can sing in hokkien,cantonese and Korean.Really make our big day extra special an memorable with their ability to answer songs requests from my friends and relatives.

Marcus & Sherie @ The Westin 21st June 2015

Dear Benny, Stella and Boon Chye, thank you so much for entertaining our guests at our wedding banquet with great songs and music. The atmosphere was superb! We won't hesitate to recommend you to others! A Truly professional and solid performing band!  

James & Sally @ Conrad hotel

Dear Benny,

Thank you for providing a wonderful performance and for delivering such good services on my wedding day at Holiday Inn.

My guests were truly delighted by the music throughout the wedding ceremony which otherwise would have been dull and boring.

I would like to compliment you on going the extra mile by allowing song dedications from my guests as that brought them so much delight ! Overall,it was a good experience and it would not have been achieved without the assistance of you and Miss Mavis.Please convey our thanks to her as well.

With best regards,

Yong Keng & Xin Xin

A very big Thank you to Benny and Stella for the wonderful performance on our wedding banquet at Orchard Parade Hotel.Fabulous 2pc band that can perform many dialect songs besides english/mandarin.

Feedbacks from my guests were all great !

We truly enjoyed your performance and am glad to have both of you with us on our special occasion. Special thanks once again for 'saving' our big day'. Cheers. — Wei Sen & Lai Lin

Thank you Benny and Stella for the wonderful performances on our wedding banquet on 30 November 14.All my guests enjoyed your performance very much~ thumb up for the good services ! 

Junjie & Meiying @ Carlton hotel 

Hi Wedding Serenata,

Thank you so much for making our day extra special ! You guys really deliver as promised.BEST BAND EVERRRRR !!!

The Wedding Serenata performance surely live up to their reputation ! My wedding was very well co-ordinated from the moment the banquet started till end.Perfectly well organized with the help of  them.Will recommend to all my friends.

Danny & Elaine @ Marina Mandarin grand

Hi Ben,

A big thank you for co-ordinating the live band with the event staffs.It was a big wedding and thankfully we engaged you to make it all goes smoothly.Great performance of all the songs and my father-in law and many guests enjoyed it very much. Thumbs up ! 

Mic & Tina @ MBS

Just to say thank you to The Wedding Serenata for making our day extra special.It was great right from our 1st march-in till the end of the banquet.Great music from the evergreen chinese oldies to latest pop.Wonderful singing Benny & Stella.Many guests said wonderful things about the band !

Ngak Yong & Maesy @ Tower Club

Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for a wonderful night of great music ! We received many good comments that the music was amazing. We've already provided your name to some of our friends.Please send our regards to the band.

Have a wonderful week ahead !

Paul & Paowan @ Fairmont Hotel 2015

Hi Benny,

The Wedding Serenata really deliver a performance like a live show ! All our guests were saying where did we go to find a band like this ? They were dancing and singing to all those great oldies that you were able to perform.

Once again thank you !

Jimmy & Winnie @ Jurong Safra

Dear Benny,

A big thanks to you and Mavis for the performance on our big day! Our guests are very impressed by the band and some of our relatives even asked for your contact. We are very happy with your performance.

Thanks for answering to many song requests from my guests.You guys can sing anything !

Cheers ! MingLing & Yanling

Bravo to Benny and his team for making our day so special.Thanks for the Transformer sword bearer march-in song ! Great music and awesome performance !

Impressive and memorable.

Ridwun & Charmine @ Shangri-la Orchard

Hey Benny,

Thank you for that awesome performance on our big day.Solid singing and my guests were impress.So glad we engaged you guys !

Happy week ahead ! Cheers :)

Alfred & Cris @ Pan Pac

To The Wedding Serenata :

Solid performance by Benny & Stella.The whole place came alive and the march-out song with Dance drums was awesome.

They can perform all style from pop to jazz,etc and make the atmosphere come alive.