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The Wedding Serenata

Your number 1 choice for a live band 


It's important to pick the right wedding company + live band on your big day ! Being able to perform a wide range of songs is key.Just being able to sing English songs only won't cut it and especially so since a Chinese Wedding.The musicians and singers from The Wedding Serenata are highly sort after and most had been performing for more than 10 years both locally and oversea.

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Featured Video 5pc band !

Having a solid professional 5pc band will surely sound awesome and make your wedding look so luxurious.

Featured Video 4pc band !

When you have a big stage at your disposal,hiring a 4pc will make your wedding look so posh ! Your guests will be in for a treat and be blown away with a good sounding 4pc band ! 

Featured Video 3pc band !

3pc band with 3 instruments and 2 singers is a perfect combination ! Band will sound full and exciting with alternate singing between 2 singers ! Can't beat such a combination.

Featured Video 2pc band !

2pc band with 2 instruments and 2 singers is another perfect combination ! For a richer sound with alternate singing between 2 singers ! This is really important and one of the most common setting for a great 2pc band.

Featured Video 1pc band !

1pc band will still beat using a lifeless mp3/CD.It will still fill the atmosphere with the live element and make your wedding more memorable when you engage a good versatile talent !