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The Wedding Serenata

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Looking for professional musicians and singers to fill your wedding day,birthday or corporate event with classy music and a first class act ? You have found us ! We are a one stop music solution for your events for we provide bilingual emcee,live band and latest best sounding PA system ! We believe that videos paint a thousand words,so do view our hundreds of videos on youtube and check us out.Read real testimonials and be confident that you are getting the Best !
We aren't your typical band and whatever your style and music preferences from 50's to current Pop to Jazz,mandarin,evergreen,english and a mixture of languages and dialects,you can be sure that "The Wedding Serenata" rocks at that ! All talents are season musicians with a wealth of experiences and by hiring us it'll make a difference.We never fail to impress and an awesome performance is what we deliver each time.

WHY HIRE US ??? We'll share some insight ! 

This is important : We are unlike other band that were quickly assemble by an agency and assign them to jobs.You would have noticed when you attended some wedding that many bands lack the chemistry and their performance sounded so unrehearsed and unsure.We have been playing together for some years and had brought joy to many couples on their wedding day with our refined style of music.From classy Jazz to pop rock...we cover everything ! No limitation as we also sing fluently in cantonese,hokkien,Spanish,Japanese,etc besides the norm of English and Mandarin.

MANY MORE REASONS TO HIRE US ???  A Real wedding scenario in a Real world !

For a typical chinese wedding,you'll really want a band that is versatile to sing more than just english songs.The atmosphere really comes alive when some mandarin,cantonese or hokkien songs are perform !

We go the extra mile by performing more than just 2 march-in songs of your choice in a grand musical style.We'll encourage your guests to submit song dedications.We'll perform your solemnization march-in song on that day.We'll send you 1st dish presentation music for selection and play background CD music before and during breaks,etc.A huge specially compiled song lists of more than 400 love songs will also be send to you for selection.

We also use a complete latest best sounding PA system.Know that you are getting the best with a peace of mind and let us do all the work for you.We have it all under one roof with PA sound systems,Live Bands & bilingual Emcee.We treat each wedding event like our own and nothing is left to chance.We don't outsource and give you sub standards !

                                          Singers / Musicians / Emcees

Jeff Ng (Keyboardist/singer)

Kevin Kong


                         Priscilla Tan (Keyboardist/singer)

                          Michelle Poh (Pianist/keyboardist/singer)

                Jeeyon (Guitarist/singer/emcee)

                                Marcus Lee (Guitarist / Singer)

 Melvin Timothy Koh (keyboardist/singer)


                Audris Ho (keyboardist/singer)

Rianda Gracia J (Keyboardist/singer)

Benny Wong KG 

[keyboardist/Guitarist/Bassist/singer] Song writer/music arranger

                               Ywenna Caroline (keyboardist/singer)

             Jerek Khoo (Keyboardist/singer)


(footdrums , ztar, guitar/bass)


                   Ming Wei (Guitarist/singer)

                        Donnie Chan (Guitarist/singer)

                         Erick Tan (Keyboardist/Guitarist/singer)

                              Charles Stitch Wong    (Beatbox/vocal/guitar)

Stella Seah


Skye Sirena


Benita Cheng


Regine Han


Roxanne Heng


Ferlyn Chen 

(Singer /emcee)

Vanessa Phang


Mavis Li (Singer)

                                                Averil Chan (Singer)

                           Benjamin Christopher Boo (Pianist)

Michelle Yap (Pianist)

Timothy Wan (Emcee)

                  C       Choy Ting (Emcee/singer)

Lindy Chia


 Mint Leong [Emcee/singer)

Audrey Luo (Emcee/singer)

Pamela Wong (Emcee)

Edmund Wu


Daniel Chia


Fabian Lim


                                       Boon Chye (Sax)

Corey Manders


 Ivan Heng (Sax)

Lim Hui


Lim Chun (Violinist)

                       Sher Maine Wong (Violinist)

                          Daniel Puromo (Guitarist)

Jana (Violinist)

Jieying (Dizi)

Justin Low 


Kachi Chan



Jamie Lee (Cajon)

                                  Daryl Tay (Guitarist)      


                               Titus Ng (E Bass / D Bass)